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Velvet is a full-service communications group that offers the complete spectrum of services that are relevant to your needs. These range from communications strategy, to PR strategy, to creative concepts, to scriptwriting, to the production and post-production of video or animated content. We think of ourselves as having a great eye for film, and a great ear for our clients. It’s only by listening intently and working closely with you that we can we be certain that we’re completely and unambiguously on the same page. It’s only through close collaboration that we can conceive, develop and produce seamless, integrated visual communications.


Your brand has a story to tell. A story that needs to be expressed in the most compelling, persuasive and engaging way possible. Waiting for your brief is a highly experienced, energetic and enthusiastic team of Velvet storytellers that include strategists, writers, PR specialists, designers, animators and filmmakers. It’s a team that will craft campaigns and content of the highest quality for electronic, digital and social media. And a team that sees the big picture, while focussing a beady eye on the smallest of details.


Over two decades we at Velvet, previously known as Velvet films, have grown from grassroots to become an integral media powerhouse for many top South African companies aswell as the Government itself. You could call it a ‘boutique experience’. After all, we’re small enough to give you the personal attention you deserve, but big enough to handle multi-million-rand projects with consummate ease.


Our guiding principles lie in our unshakable belief in trust and building lasting relationships with our clients, our team, our suppliers and our community. Many new clients come back to us after the initial project is completed. Some clients have worked with us for several years. And a few have remained with us since we opened our doors 20 years ago. We believe it all comes down to understanding our clients’ needs, keeping the stress levels to a minimum and creating an environment where work is not a toil but an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


With all the key services under one roof. There is no duplication of costs. No broken telephones. And no ego-driven silo mentality. Just a smooth and seamless process of crafting and refining your brand message in a way that truly connects with your target audience.

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